Monday, November 22, 2010

Sea of Red

Today a good amount of people in my school were wearing red for a boy who recently passed away.  When they announced his death a week ago it made me remember grade eight when they announced that a really good friend of mine had passed away.

I know it sounds wrong but I was almost relieved that the boy who passed away wasn't known to me.  I don't know what I'd do if he was one of my friends.  When my friend died almost three years ago I remember sobbing so hard.  He used to be the most optimistic and friendly person.  It's like Billy Joel says, only the good die young.

I remember seeing my friend in the coffin and then when they lowered him into the ground it hit me hard that he was never coming back.  I sobbed like I've never sobbed before.  And the worse part is, a week before his death I was telling one of my friends how I'd never been to a funeral.

Losing a loved one is always hard.  I wasn't too particularly close to my friend that died and it hurts to think what would happen if one of my best friends or family members had died. 

I don't want to personalize this blog, I want to let the people out there who have lost a loved one that they're not alone and that plenty of people lose someone.  It's not good to keep the sadness inside of you.  You're allowed to cry.  Try and remember the happy things about that person, don't focus on their death.  Remember all the amazing things you did before they died.  That helps too.  Also talk to people who were also close with that person, they're probably feeling the same way you are.

- mm

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