Friday, October 7, 2011

Lights - Siberia - Lights Music

Siberia is the second studio album by Canadian musician Lights, released on October 4, 2011. It was preceded by the first single off of the album, “Toes”. Artists making guest appearances on the album include Canadian electronic band, Holy Fuck, and rapper Shad. Lights indicated a dubstep influence on the album, stating “I don't think I've incorporated it totally, but there's a lot of dubstep in there. I've been listening to Skream, Benga and all the stuff they did with Magnetic Man and Skrillex too. The heavy beats and the sparseness, it hit me in a really special way.”
While this album might be heavier and might feel like a departure from the poppier feel of her first studio album, The Listening, from the first song out off the album, “Everybody Breaks a Glass” (ft. Holy Fuck and Shad), Lights assures fans it isn’t, “I've led off with the most extreme one. I mean there are songs on the record that are much grittier and much darker, but there’s poppier moments too. I've put one of the most different ones out first.”
This album is definitely worth your hard-earned dollars. It might be different from what you’re used to from Lights but a good always artist always changes their sounds, if they didn’t then it’d be incredibly boring and safe.
Fun fact: “Day One”, the final song on Siberia, was the last 9 minutes of Lights’ and Holy Fuck’s first ‘jam’ session, completely live electronics.

My favourites: “Cactus in the Valley” and “Flux and Flow” (ft. Shad).

(Quotes source: NME)


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